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Face & Body Contouring

With all the cosmetic surgery “horror stories” you have read about or have experienced, it is comforting to know there is a place where experienced dermal care technicians understand and know how to help.

A series of treatments can give you surgery-like results within weeks, without down time. Derma Sculpt Center refines or maintains liposuction procedures and any cosmetic surgery for the face, neck and body.
  • Tighten Sagging Skin-Increase Elasticity
  • Reduce Fluid Retention & Swelling
  • Improve Circulation
  • Minimize Indurations & Adhesions from Cosmetic Surgery
  • Reduce Wrinkles & Expression Lines
  • Minimize Scars
  • Smooth Out Irregularities & Indentions-Cellulite

Each Treatment is Customized According to the Individual’s Condition

Facesculpt $90

Non-Invasive (Non-Surgerical) Treatment: Slenderizing, tightening cheeks & chin, smoothing wrinkles, increases elasticity–Deep Pore Cleansing, firming tonic, treatment serums, collagen mask & brightening cream, SPF-80+100, Vacuotherapy (50 to 60 minutes)

Body Contouring

Vacuotherapy & Compression therapy complement each other for efficient detoxification.  This improves circulation and produces smoother, more toned skin.  A series of 15 to 20 treatments are recommended for body sculpting benefits.  Minimum consumption of 64 ounces of water daily during the skin condition program is required.  You ay choose your frequency of treaments recommended by your Vacuomoblization Specialist.  This program also helps to relieve adhesions or indurations and swelling caused by liposuction. Call for you free consultation.

Cellulite Treatment  $100

Smoothing out indentions, tightening & increasing elasticity in the skin for improves contours.  Includes tightening & slenderizing the skin around the knee caps.  Full Body treatment, firming gel, seaweed energizing cream, vacuotherapy (45 minutes).

Pneumatic Lyphatic Drainage   $50

Helps to relieve swelling in feet, ankles, & calves.  Improves venous circulation & increased performance in extremities.  Cotton leggins and foot covers are used during this procedure (30 minutes).


Upper Body Abdomen & Back  $75

Legs & Buttocks  $70
Scar Treatment  $20 +up
1/2 Upper Arm Treatment  $35
1/2 Lower Arm Treatment  $45
Full Arm Treatment  $65

Package Incentive Programs for Discount on Series

“UVA rays can pass through clouds, haze, even windows.  During your life, the more unprotected exposure you get, the greater your risk of developing skin cancer.  In fact, 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.  Protection and early detection are the key to survival”  American society for Dermatologic Surgery

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